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Fashion Confessions
Thursday, 13 January 2011 / 17:49

Last week, the fabulous Sally McGraw of Already Pretty prompted readers to share their fashion confessions, and I felt like turning my answers into a post... perhaps some of them will shed a little light on why I started this blog. ;)

- I don't wear any makeup besides foundation and/or concealer, and most days I wear none at all. I want to start wearing a little more (I bought some eyeshadow the other day!), but I'll always be a fan of natural, understated looks.

- I'm the opposite of an impulse buyer. I overthink almost every clothing purchase I make, and I'm prone to intense buyer's remorse for no good reason.

- I absolutely hate baring my arms; just wearing a t-shirt is a challenge. I was kind of proud of myself for wearing a strappy dress to a party last year.

- I am guilty of buying too-short jeans from the H&M children's department because they were cheap. (In my defence, I was a very tall child and may have grown up thinking ankle-skimming jeans were normal.)

- I wear my shoes until they fall apart.

- Because maintaining a pixie cut can be pretty expensive, I used to cut my own hair. The less said about that, the better.

- My stylistic Kryptonite: cap-sleeved babydoll tees. No. Just no.

- I've been shopping at Topshop since I was 15, but I still feel intimidated every time I go in, as if everyone else there is younger, prettier and more stylish than me.

If all that gave you the impression of a shy oddball in scuffed shoes and too-short jeans... my work here is done. :P


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