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More Bows and some Fitting Room Reviews
Friday, 28 January 2011 / 23:46

Ribbon hair bows seem to be in this season, which delights me because I love them. Today I added these Internacionale hairbands to my small collection; the blue grosgrain was marked down to £1 and the cream chiffon to £1.50. A few other styles and colours were on sale at similar prices, and I found more bows at H&M, Claire's and Accessorize... I have a feeling my collection may continue to grow.

Whilst those were my only purchases, I tried on a few other things. Sorry for the poor-quality photos; I only had my phone with me and I'm not great at photographing myself as it is. (Truth be told, I'm also pretty shy about being in photographs, but this is supposed to be a personal style blog and I've got to ease myself in somehow.)

Sophie at Internacionale cardigan, age 14-15, £14.99 (not available online)

I dropped into Internacionale mainly to look at the accessories, but spotted a long, cable-knit cardigan in speckled cream, very similar to one from Topshop that had been on my wishlist last autumn. It was cute, but cost more than I was willing to pay for the quality. As luck would have it, though, there was an almost identical cardigan in the kids/teens section for £14.99. I liked the length and fit (quite slim for an age 14/15) but decided I should save the £15 on something I needed more - I already have two long, slouchy cardis.

H&M Divided plaid shirt, EU 32 / UK 6 / US 2, £14.99 (not available online)

Loved the print, loved the fabric (100% cotton flannel), loved the ruffles, not sure about the fit. I feel like it's in that awkward grey area between "deliberately oversized" and "meant to be fitted, but just too big". I wish they had it in UK 4, and that's the first time I've ever said that in reference to anything at H&M.

Miss Selfridge Black Floral Canvas Lace-Ups, UK 4 and 5, £20

Photographing yourself in a fitting room mirror is one thing; trying to photograph your feet in those long, narrow, tilted mirrors on the floor of shoe shops is quite another. I gave up after accidentally photographing my knee. Anyway, I liked these shoes even more in person and was planning to buy them - until I tried to walk in the size 5s (my usual size), and my heels slipped out with every step. I tried the 4s, but they were uncomfortably tight. Miss Selfridge doesn't carry half sizes, so I'm going to try and find out whether the 4s would stretch out enough with wear.

I tried a few other H&M items that didn't get photographed, including a certain striped blazer that I tried on just for kicks after seeing it on Kelly of Alterations Needed and Jean of Extra Petite. I can confirm (not that further confirmation was needed) that it's very petite-friendly and runs small. The sleeves were barely 3/4 length on me and the hem reached a touch below my waist (I'm 5'7").

Just for fun, here's a snap of the Hobbs sack coat I mentioned in my last post:

I give it full marks for cosiness and warmth, at least.

Soon to come: my Forever 21 and AE/Aerie reviews, plus a bit about the wardrobe overhaul I'm doing. Looking at every item of clothing I own and assessing whether it should be kept, altered or donated can be tedious, yes, but I'm finally doing something about all the clothes I have that don't fit me or my style.

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