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More Wishlisting
Sunday, 16 January 2011 / 11:00

Black by Popular Demand Dress (Modcloth).

Besides my wishlist, I keep a text file listing items I would like to buy but haven't tracked down yet. I try to do this with practicality in mind: I probably don't need another slouchy sweater, for example, but I almost always have trouble putting together semi-smart or formal outfits. When considering a purchase, I often check over the list to see if it fits in anywhere; this is another way to focus my spending on things I could really use. However, a number of things have reminded me that I ought to inventory what I already own before making this sort of list, so this is a first draft. Once I've organised my wardrobe (and believe me, it needs it), I should have a clearer idea of what's lacking.

Dress: black, formal, versatile
I thought I could take care of this one after being invited to a formal party last autumn, but tracking down the right kind of little black dress in my size and price range was ridiculously hard.

Court shoes: black, ~3" heel
Again, something much harder to find than they seemingly should be - or perhaps I was just looking in the wrong places?

Blazer: black/navy/charcoal, fitted, cuffable sleeves
H&M seem to have basic blazers every season, so this shouldn't be too hard. I like Uniqlo's, but based on the product measurements (a fantastically useful feature) I'm not sure how slim-fitting they'd be.

Slim-fitting cardigan
Because oversized cardigans, as much as I love them, can only go so far.

Day dress: something that can be worn by itself as well as part of an ensemble
For me, this means it must be long-sleeved. I might end up sewing this one myself.

Dressy top or blouse
Something to layer under a jacket or cardigan for semi-smart occasions - like this gorgeous ruffled one worn by Extra Petite.

Tee: navy, long in the body, medium-short sleeves, scoop neck, fitted
If it wasn't obvious already, I'm too fussy about clothes for my own good. 

Tops: slim-fitting tees and camisoles for layering
Because I'm too used to wearing single layers (or a sweatshirt + another sweatshirt), meaning I don't have very much that will fit under a slim-fitting cardi or button-down shirt.

Tights: basic black/grey/navy; at least one warm pair for winter; colours (pink, etc)
I have no excuse for not buying tights, really; I'd get more wear out of my skirts.

Socks: comfy, slouchy, warm (for indoors, sleep)
Okay, this one is a total indulgence.

Straw hat
For summer.

Tulle skirt
Not exactly a wardrobe staple, but I just love them. I plan on sewing this one, and possibly more than one.

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