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Monday, 3 January 2011 / 22:44

Although I don't shop for clothes very often, I'm a dedicated keeper of wishlists. For some, keeping a list of items you're coveting might increase the temptation to buy, but I find it actually helps me focus my spending towards things I really want and/or need. For example, after receiving some Christmas money, I took advantage of American Eagle's one-day discounts and ordered two items that had been on my wishlist for a good month. In the post-Christmas sales I was able to buy another item from my wishlist and one that met a wardrobe "need" I'd noted down at the beginning of the autumn (a pair of slouchy, comfortable jeans I could wear cuffed). I'm not naturally organised, but I thrive on a bit of organisation, and having a particular thing in mind feels better than aimlessly browsing.

Of course, the longer you keep things on your list, the more likely it is that they'll become unavailable before you get around to buying, but this has taught me that I can happily do without a lot of the things that appeal to me. I haven't been too disappointed over any of the things that have fallen off my list that way; I just shrug, delete the entry, and perhaps save images for future reference. The one thing I did snap up very quickly in 2010 was my Topshop duffel coat, but even so, I'd had "winter coat" on my wishlist for months.

Enough rambling; here are a few things I'm eyeing for spring 2011.

AE Cable Knit Long Sweater (American Eagle)

I was so close to adding this one to my post-Christmas order, and I'm strongly tempted to go ahead and order it anyway before it vanishes, as I haven't had much luck finding a nice cable sweater that would fit me (for once in my life, I'm not looking for something oversized and baggy).

Aerie Slouchy Band Collar Button-Up Shirt (Aerie)

This would look nice layered over a white, cream or pale grey tee, I think.

Black Floral Canvas Lace-Up (Miss Selfridge)

The antique floral print on black could work well in autumn as well as spring.

Merino Cashmere V Neck Long Cardigan (Uniqlo)
Either this or the shorter Merino Cashmere V Neck Cardigan A, though it looks like both of them might be disappearing soon.

Aerie Cozy Waffle Crew (Aerie)

Tight tees aren't my thing, but I've developed a curious fixation with waffle-knit shirts.

Button-Neck Dress (Zara TRF)

I think this could work over skinny jeans, or perhaps layered with other light, loose garments for a Mori Girl-esque summer look.


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