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Friday Linkspam
Friday, 18 February 2011 / 20:10

 Yet another bow headband from Internacionale, marked down to £2. The obsession continues.

An amazingly kind US friend made my week by sending me two more pairs of Aerie pyjama trousers! They are so comfortable, and I love the plaids. We've agreed to go to AE together next time I get to go and visit her in the States. Incidentally, AE are currently offering 20% off + free US shipping all weekend. I won't be taking advantage of this promotion but I had fun with a little fantasy shopping spree this morning. Topshop are also offering free UK shipping, but I'll probably sit that one out too.

Anyway, assorted links I've bookmarked over the past week:

Some picks from the Vogue Covers Archive at Tilly and the Buttons. The August 1957 one is my favourite, because the model reminds me of Audrey Hepburn:
The Me-Made-March challenge at So, Zo - an interesting blog challenge for people who make and/or refashion clothes. I won't be signing up, but maybe this'll spur me on to tackle some of the sewing projects I've planned?

Anjali of Goldenmeans and Tara B. of Little Girl Big Closet collaborated on how to create a working closet, a post full of fantastic advice. I immediately divided my wishlist into "wants" and "needs" and that alone proved useful.

Some Mori Girl inspiration: Aoi Yu in Jille magazine at Mori Girl, and ideas for tropical Mori Girl looks at Fern & Fawn.

An interview with writer Alice Carey at Advanced Style.

Sleeves and Proportion: Inspiration from Vintage and Modern Fashion at With a Modern Twist.

An awesome eBay-focused thrifting guide and follow-up by Nudemuse.

Orange for Everybody at Fashion for Giants. I'm wedded to my cool, dark colours and normally don't even think about wearing orange, but this thorough, inclusive guide has opened up possibilities.


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