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More H&M Fitting Room Reviews
Tuesday, 8 February 2011 / 11:00

I keep going to H&M and coming back empty-handed; this is partly because I overthink almost every single purchase I make, and partly because I tend to have mixed experiences in the fitting rooms; the lighting can be seriously unflattering and the fit of the clothes is all over the place. Yesterday's trip wasn't that bad, though I ran out of time and didn't photograph everything.

First, I tried on the slim knit blazer a few petite bloggers have featured recently, just so I could add my two cents about the fit. :) I'm 5'7", so what works on petite ladies generally doesn't work as well on me; I'm more leggy than long-torsoed, though, so tops are a better bet than skirts or dresses. This is the UK 8 / US 4 on me:

The sleeves are a mite too short, but I think the torso length is passable on me, though IMO it's definitely more suited to someone petite. I didn't try raising my arms above my head but that would probably push it over into too-short territory. The fit is okay, though the sleeves are a little roomy. A size down would probably be too tight in the bust.

Verdict: Pass, because I'm not a fan of the double-breasted style on myself.

Next, more of a heads-up to Alterations Needed members than anything else: I found a shirt that fit very small and short, so I'm passing on the tag info in case it's of interest to anyone. It was available in several striped and plain colourways besides the navy.
I tried on the size 6 / US 2, and whilst I could button it up in the waist, it wasn't even close to fastening in the bust. I wear a 28DD so this is not an uncommon fit issue for me (especially at H&M), but my bust measurement is only 31" or so.
Flattering, hmm? This is the most, uh, modest photo I could take. Note also that it's too short on me and starts to flare out above my hips - my hand is resting on my hipbone there. The shoulders were definitely too narrow, yet there was extra room in the sleeves. ???

Verdict: Pass - I don't need a fitted shirt, and I don't think this one would fit me properly in any size.

Lastly, two items from Divided: a floral-print tank top in UK 6, and a cardigan in UK 8.

I almost never wear bright, warm colours, but I liked this tank top more than the identical one in blue and violet. It helps that the vivid orange and red are on a navy ground, I think. It's long (it hit below my hips) and not too tight or low-cut, though the armholes are a little too big. I can think up a few things I could pair it with, and at £5.99 it might be worth a shot.

As for the cardigan, I want to like it but I'm not sure. The crochet yoke is cute, but the fit is awkward. H&M's fit inconsistency was starting to get on my nerves again by this point; the cardigan in size 6 was too tight across the bust and the size 8 is pushing it. I don't think I could button it all the way up without some gaping. Then again, maybe it looks best with only one button done up?

Verdict: I'm leaning towards buying the tank top, not sure about the cardi.

Not pictured: various plain tees and tanks from the kids' department. The boys' organic cotton tee in age 8-10 was tight in the bust (what a surprise!) but the age 10-12 was baggy and boxy everywhere. I now realise I should just have bought the bigger size and altered it at home, because the length and sleeve length were good. I need camisoles/tank tops, so I should probably just give in and buy some, but the fitting room lighting flattered neither me nor the clothes. Not that it mattered, as I wanted them for layering purposes only. I'd better cut this out or I'm going to get a reputation as "that weird blogger who can't buy a £2.50 tank top without several fitting room trips".

Have you had any luck at H&M recently?

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Blogger Rachel said on 8 February 2011 at 21:32  

Hi Frankincensy! I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog (via Sal's lovely link). We've commented back and forth on Sal's site (Already Pretty) and on the AN forum (sorry, I've been absent lately, busy, busy). Just wanted to say hello. Have you started that work out routine yet?? I'm trying to get my blog going this coming weekend, as soon as I do I'll send you the link.
Rachel K.

Blogger aki! said on 9 February 2011 at 03:31  

Great reviews! I actually do like the fitted shirt.


Blogger Lady Cardigan said on 9 February 2011 at 05:57  

I see a lot of neat H&M clothes on bloggers but don't think we have a lot of the stores in the US. I can so relate to your hesitance to buy things because I was like that, too. Actually, I still am, but not as much as before. I am putting less pressure on myself to be perfect now and accepting that I should just go ahead and buy some things I'm not sure of, because a lot of them can be made to work... and some of the things I do like will turn out not to be the best choices in the long run... but it's all part of learning.

I can also relate to wearing petite tops without petite height (I'm almost 5'9"). One solution for me is wearing longer tanks underneath... making it part of the outfit, as if I planned all along for the top to be cropped! Or I button a cardigan over the bottom part of a too-short top.

I like the way you buttoned that cardigan in the photo. With a very small chest and bigger waist, few things fit me right all over, so I do a lot of partial buttoning to make up for it.

Btw, I gave you a blog award!

Blogger En Bouton said on 9 February 2011 at 13:11  

@Rachel - Thanks for dropping by! It's great to hear from you, and I'll be a keen follower of your blog once you get it going. As for that workout routine, January was pretty hectic for me as well, but I've started in a small way with some basic strength exercises and I can already see and feel a difference in my body. :) I'm definitely going to take it further and I want to start doing cardio this month.

@aki! - Thank you! I think it's a nice shirt as well, it just wasn't going to fit my figure. On someone with different proportions it could look great.

@Lady Cardigan - First of all, thanks for the award! Secondly, what you said above about not putting so much pressure on yourself and letting yourself buy things you're not sure about was really helpful to hear. You're right, too - I can think of clothes I was unsure about buying that ended up becoming wardrobe staples. I can let myself get caught up in perfectionism about clothes (and everything else), so it's useful to have a reminder that not every purchase has to be perfect... thank you for that as well. :)

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