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Wardrobe Organisation, Part One
Tuesday, 1 February 2011 / 18:14

When it comes to dressing well, one of my biggest problems is disorganisation. I could go into far too much detail on this subject, but let's just say I struggle with organisation in just about every area of my life. Regardless, I'm trying hard to get my clothing organised because I know it will be crucial to dressing (and shopping) better.

I don't have a vast clothing collection, but I do have lots of clothes that don't fit me in one way or another. I'm 21, so my shape and size have changed dramatically over the last decade. Even after I stopped growing and my weight stabilised, I continued to buy clothes that didn't fit; sometimes it was because I just didn't know how things should fit, and often it was because I was/am self-conscious and preferred to hide away in baggy sweaters.

However, a few months ago I started to read some fashion blogs that dealt with fit - Already Pretty, Extra Petite and Alterations Needed, to name a few key ones - and my attitude changed. I realised fit was about so much more than "this is too big/too small", and that if something didn't fit me, it didn't mean my body was at fault. I've become much more analytical about the fit of what I buy and what I already own, which means letting go of anything that just doesn't work with my body.

Aside from clothes that don't fit, I have a lot of shoes that either need repairing or are beyond repair, thanks to my walking habits. It's easier to know what to do with these, though I was sorry to have to let go of some of the "beyond repair" lot.

When everything has been sorted through, I can start figuring out how to store and organise my clothing, which might be the hardest part. I'm not lacking storage space, I'm just clueless at utilising it, and there are some very basic things I still need to learn (how to properly fold a shirt, whether I can hang sweaters, etc).

So, what's my action plan?

- Inventory every piece of clothing I own and note what needs to be sold/donated/recycled/thrown out*, what needs alterations or repairs, what doesn't really fit in with my style, etc. - Done.
- Get rid of what obviously needs to go (worn-out shoes, laddered tights, etc). - Mostly done.
- Try on all the things I'm not sure about - does this colour suit me? would this skirt work if the waist was taken in? - and make a decision.
- Sell/donate/recycle as needed.
- Collect all the clothes needing alterations and the shoes needing repairs and take care of all that.
- Work out how best to store and organise everything.

Although I'm not going about it in a very organised way (what a surprise!), I've already made some progress. Updates to come later this week, hopefully.

*Environmental note: I'm not throwing out anything in wearable condition. I've tried to find out about fabric recycling facilities in my area, but it looks like they're only for clothing that gets sorted for charity shops. Rest assured, I am loath to throw away anything that could be salvaged (part of the reason I'm in this situation in the first place...).


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