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July Challenge: 31 for 31
Thursday, 30 June 2011 / 21:28

I went to a school where sixth-formers were allowed to wear their own clothes, provided we followed a dress code (no jeans, for example). My organisational skills being what they are, I found it a bit of a hassle to put together new outfits every day, and began to miss the simplicity of the uniform! Being extremely self-conscious, I stuck to "safe" clothes as far as possible, and there were more than a few moments of panic when I realised all my baggy sweaters were in the laundry basket and I'd have to go to school wearing a slim-fitting tee. (The horror.)

I'm slowly extending my comfort zone and thus my clothing options, but disorganisation is still a problem and I need to create some sort of structure - planned outfits, etc - before my art course begins. Come autumn, I'll have enough on my plate without worrying about what to wear every morning. :) To that end, I've set myself a variation on the 30 for 30 challenge: wear a different outfit every day for the next month, using 31 individual items, each of which must be worn at least once.

I'm not banning myself from shopping, and I may add newly-acquired items to the 31. That might sound like a bit of a cop-out, but this challenge is about getting organised and dressing more adventurously, not curbing my shopping (which has been minimal over the past few months anyway). I will endeavour to post each outfit here, whether that means taking photos of myself or simply photographing the clothes - again, a bit of a cop-out, but if I stipulated daily outfit photos it would become an unnecessary stumbling block. I'm allowing myself unlimited access to shoes, accessories, socks, tights, and vests/camisoles for layering; my collection of accessories gets far too little use, so I'm going to try and work in some of my favourites (bow headbands!) wherever possible.

Anyway, on to the clothes!

From left to right: Topshop skinny jeans, Uniqlo straight jeans, H&M striped shorts, H&M denim shorts, Uniqlo pleated skirt.

French Connection denim skirt, Zara tiered denim skirt, Topshop floral dress, Mini Boden striped dress, Miss Selfridge floral smock.

Aerie grey cardigan, Uniqlo navy cardigan, Johnston's of Elgin grey cardigan, Georgina Lewin lace-print tee, Uniqlo/Cath Kidston navy floral tee.

Uniqlo/Cath Kidston green floral tee, Uniqlo/Cath Kidston white floral tee, Uniqlo navy tee, Uniqlo grey tee, H&M striped long-sleeved tee.

H&M black long-sleeved tee, Forever 21 grey thermal, Uniqlo navy long-sleeved tee, Marks & Spencer sweater, Topshop sweatshirt.

Illustrated People hoodie, Uniqlo navy sweater, Uniqlo plaid shirt, Marks & Spencer grey floral shirt, H&M hoodie, Aerie cropped leggings.

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